Stay connected with every user and keep them active in the long term

Keep all your app users active and coming back for the long term with personalized, contextual in-app messaging and push notifications.


Whether you have a hundred users or a million, our user-friendly platform makes it easy to engage and retain them with personalized rich messages and push notifications.


Our platform is built from the ground up for scale and high performance

Engage all your users with a platform built for accuracy at high volume

Connect with more in-app users. Whether you’re sending a push notification or an in-app message, our mobile app messaging platform empowers you to reach users at scale and get their attention with messages that hit the mark every time.

Understand user behavior better with accurate tracking and follow-up

Our automated message delivery process tracks app user statuses in real-time, so you know your message has been delivered. The system instantly understands how users respond to your communications and automatically takes follow-up actions if needed.


Understand your users better by analyzing which devices they are using, how they react to your in-app or push notifications, what their preferences are, and when they are using your app.

Engage and re-engage your users with comprehensive customer profiling for all occasions

Our solution makes it simple to re-engage dormant users and showcase all your platform features with targeted and context-aware customer messaging. The system collects a wealth of data and creates a unique, app usage-based profile for every customer that you can use to craft unrivaled user experiences.

Make every conversation actionable with deep-dive communications tracking

Build on push and in-app messaging success by understanding the metrics that matter. Our system makes it easy to track how app users respond to your messages, and also tracks installs and uninstalls, opt-ins, conversions and other key metrics, so you can improve every time.


Get your users to spend more time on your app with rich experiences

Stand out on the lock screen. Our portal lets you craft rich media messages that define your users’ experiences both on their lock screens and within the app. Use subject lines, images, and emojis to instantly grab attention. Our custom payload tools enable interactive experiences that get your users involved and wanting more, right from the lock screen.


Bridge the digital and physical worlds with the power of live geolocation data

Improve retail store footfall with the power of your app. Our system uses highly accurate geolocation data to trigger messages with compelling offers when app users are near your store or other physical venues.


Reach elusive customers using automated omnichannel flows

If your customers aren’t available in the app, our platform allows you to reach them via other channels. Design automated communications flows that encompass notifications, email, SMS, and other channels to explore the full potential of omnichannel.


Increase in-app engagement

Send targeted, behavior-based in-app messages that keep customers engaged with your app.

Reengage dormant users

Send data-driven, personalized push messages that motivate inactive users to click and return to your app.

Increase footfall in your retail locations

Send push promotional messages based on your targeted audience's location.

Improve customer account security

Easily deliver an in-app, one-time PIN to confirm the customer’s identity.

You're in good company


  • 600+ direct-to-carrier connections
  • Connect with the whole world; over 7 billion people and things
  • Strong enterprise client base
  • 60 offices/6 continents/10 data centers

Our global reach and local presence enable us to react faster, engage more, and have meaningful face to face discussions with our clients. This allows us to create tailor-made solutions in-line with local requirements and based on proven global best-practices.

  • Best-in-class delivery rates
  • High speed and reliability
  • Low latency
  • In-house developed platform

Our solutions are created to adapt to the constantly changing market and communication trends at speeds and levels of precision and personalization that only an in-house solution can offer.  We help our clients to overcome the complexity of consumer communications, increase customer satisfaction and grow their businesses – all in a fast, secure and reliable way.

  • Technical expertise
  • Solutions consultancy
  • Customer success management
  • 24/7 local support and network monitoring

We aim to provide a remarkable customer experience by going beyond expectations and delivering consistent, personalized service. We will help you to get up and running in no time, whether it’s assisting with integrations, messaging best practices or solutions consultancy.

Stay connected with every user and keep them active over the long term